Saturday, August 19, 2006

What is the Sanders Family Genealogy Blog?

Hi. In an effort to keep my research and details posted to family members, I am going to start keeping a "diary" of sorts of my findings. The progress can be at times slow and sometimes overwelming with new information.

When important facts are located, I will update it here and try to keep you all aware of the status. This way you can also interact with questions and comments.

This research is filling in blanks for our family that few would ever know about. If you would like to participate and help with our family research, let me know.


Research Status - 08/19/2006

This last week has likely been the most rewarding in years, with a tremendous amount of information being uncovered through census records. Have printed out, saved images of well over 50 different census records, ranging from early 1800's to the latest 1930 census.

Key new findings are Edgar and Jennie Foy, Pauline Foy, Lillian Foy, Verona and Pete McKenzie, Charles and Adelia Foy, Charles Jr and Matilda Foy (in Washington), Gilbert and Agnea Foy (in Washington), and more. This census information will take some time to complete, but keeping track of all the family members is a challenge. Located Civil war records on Charles E. Foy Jr, detailing his physical features (blue eyes, light colored hair, 5'10") and even Edgar Arnold Foy's WWI draft registration card!

Big find regarding the transatlantic travels of John Weber (twice) in 1869 and 1889, the latter with his family and mother in law. Ships manifest shows all children, luggage, etc. Amazing! Have also located the multitude of Konen's, Streff's, and more in the Nebraska, Roseland vicinity. Data logging expected in the next few weeks.

Found a few names with Earl and Ellis Sanders file.

Found my G-grandmother, Mabel Harvey...Smalley, living in Nebraska with her mother and step father, in 1910, when Harvey Wood (grandfather) was born. However, he did not show up on this enumeration for some reason. There is a mystery to be solved here.

Went back to the 1800's to find my GG grandfather, Wiley Johnson and more.

What is becoming an increasingly effective means to help in telling this family story is This free software is available online and highly recommend getting it for your own personal purposes. In time, I will be publishing the "migration" of our families across the US with this tool. What is interesting is that on more than one occasion, the paternal and maternal lines have "crossed paths", 1-2 generation prior to their merging. Example of this is with my father's line, in Missouri being only a few counties away from my mother's line during the late 1800's. They may well have known each other, but not sure. Other examples exist in Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Colorado. Most can be attributed to the fact that few towns existed, so most people lived in the same areas within a state (depending on the years). My Aunt Pauline (maternal-maternal side) moved to Bisbee Arizona in the late 1920's, a decade after my Great grandmother Smalley (maternal-fraternal side) had left their homestead.

The census data is being stored and will be processed later. The source of the information is, which has become an indispensable tool, once you understand how to use it to your full advantage.

Until the next update!