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Sanders Family Links - Maternal and Paternal GG Grandparents

For several years, I have been collecting details on our family and sorting them for reviewing online. I have recently enabled a new feature within Picasaweb that helps id people in the photo albums, so when you move your cursor over the image, it will tell you who they are! Below are several links to these images to help you get there. I have also added their biographical personal links for reference. Any questions, post here under "comments". Enjoy.

Link to see ALL individuals identified - click here

Paternal Great Great Grandparents of Brian Sanders
Henry Sanders - Biographical or Images
Clara Hudson Sanders - Biographical or Images

Eli Joseph Ellis - Biographical or Images
May Hunter Ellis - Biographical or Images

Alfred Wiley Johnson - Biographical or Images
Martha Maloney Johnson - Biographical or Images

James Milner - Biographical or Images
Sarah Stinnett Milner - Biographical or Images

Maternal Great Great Grandparents of Brian Sanders
Charles Heitmann - Biographical
Kate - Biographical

Charles Harvey - Biographical or Images
Elizabeth Harper Harvey - Biographical or Images

Charles Foy - Biographical or Images
Adelia Arnold Foy - Biographical or Images

John Weber - Biographical or Images
Anna Faber Weber - Biographical or Images

Sanders Family History Trip - 2008 - Day 9, 10, 11

Day 9 (August 30, 2008)
All good things must come to an end, or at least be delayed until the next time. In this case, we had come to Nebraska looking for records on family and were leaving with a ton of data to review for months to come, yet this is likely just a fraction of what is still available to be found. And like the treasure hunter, we will be back for more.

On the 9th day, we had our usual breakfast, checked out of the hotel, and drove westward to Fort Morgan. The plan was to try and stop there and see if we could locate Grandma and Grandpa Smalley graves in Riverside. Brian had called during the week and located information on where they were buried. So after about 5 hours of driving, we arrived in Fort Morgan, Colorado and stopped for a bio break and some foodage... closest fast food was Burger King. A few frys and charbroiled burgers later, we were in the car, driving to the cemetery. There, we were able to quickly find Grandpa Smalley's headstone, but Grandma did not have one, although the caretaker confirmed that she had been laid to rest there.

A few pictures later and out to Denver area to visit with Terry and Linda. We had thought it would be great, while we had time, to visit relatives and this seemed like the best place to stop. It had been years since Brian had seen either Terry or Linda and it was a wonderful reunion. While on the way there, we also asked if we could get John and Donna to join us as well as Rick and Francis.

That night we had a wonderful meal cooked by Terry and Linda, then retired late.

Day 10 (August 31, 2008)
Morning approached too quick and a cup of home brewed java, some sunshine, and the rest of the family was awake. We talked of the family and shared pictures of loved ones and their families. We tried to review most of the 2000+ pictures which had been taken by Steve and Brian along the last 9 days, but it was a lot of data to even look at in its raw form, much less make sense of most of it. Either way, Mom did a great job at reporting on all the stops and the family discoveries.

Mid-morning came and we had the whole gang in tow... Donna, John, Rick, Francis, Terry, Linda, Mom, Dad, and Brian. We headed to Johnson's corner for some lunch... It was good to see all my family in the same spot, catching up on the news, talking about politics, the economy, and business. Rick and Francis had to leave right after lunch for a prior commitment, so the remainder of the pack retreated back to Linda and Terry's for some further conversation.

Parting is such sweet sorrow and it was at that... John and Donna returned home and the day turned to night. It was a wonderful time spent with the family and the memories will last for a long time. It was getting late, so we turned in for the night as the next day would soon be here.

Day 11 (Sept 1, 2008)
Brian had to be at the Airport by 10am, to catch his flight back to Arizona, so we had a quick breakfast, too short of a good bye, and were off to the airport - Mom, Dad and Brian. We said our goodbyes and promised to keep in touch. Little did Brian realize that the results of this trip would require an extensive amount of effort to decompress and turn into tangible results, but the effort is worth it.

Each day we learn about ourselves and others through the very interactions within our environment. We move forward in time focused on the next task or milestone ahead. It is always important to stop and reflect on how you got to where you are and most importantly to consider your ancestors who helped you get there!

Until the next trip, thanks for joining.

The END.

Sanders Family History Trip - 2008 - Day 8

Day 8 (August 29, 2008)
The day dawned new and breakfast was calling again at the local hotel eatery. After a sumptuous meal, Dad and Brian went to the Hastings Library for a quick re check on some of the records, adding in some of the Arnold clan now. We spent about 2-3 plus hours. This second trip to the library allowed more detailed pictures of Gordon, Foy, Weber and Arnold clans to be clearer. There is more data there, just need to plan for it the next trip. As usual, Dad was snapping pictures, doing a great job.

As is common in the Sanders family (especially for Brian), sometimes we find interesting clues that peak the curiosity and before you know it, we are off looking at other details that are not related to the original goal. On more than one occasion, it was important to remind the "research team" to keep focused on the task at hand - in other words, collect the data on the family, move onto the next item, repeat. This was true EVEN if it meant having to pass up on the connection of declining blacksmiths and increasing "automobile" businesses at the turn of the century or the occasional Sanders name popping up in the reference docs.

As it was nearing lunch, we decided to splurge a bit more than usual, plus it was also Dad's birthday. So, we packed up the goods, drove to the hotel, picked up mom and went to Taco Bell - Dad's choice! Happy Birthday Dad!

After the filling meal, Mom was returned to the hotel and Brian and Dad returned back to the Historical society. The Adams county Historical Society is a wonderful location full of detailed records that rival and exceed the likes of the Nebraska Historical Society, hands down and on a fraction of the budget.

Brian and Dad located new records, maps and even wedding certificates of in-laws that helped connect to the Arnold family. This was also the key link for identifying the maiden name for Adelia Arnold's mother. Now Brian could trace that line back further - in fact, later on Brian traced the Arnold line back to the middle ages, farther back than any other line in his family.

From here we picked up mom and headed out to Assumption, Holstein, and through Hastings, this time armed with more details on exact addresses, legal descriptions from the court house, the Hastings directories at the library, and stories from the Weber family.

We ended late and stopped at the Little Jakes restaurant in Hastings, as the sun was setting. A good meal with a few drinks and back to the hotel for a long respite.

See day 9... it starts to near the end...

Sanders Family History Trip - 2008 - Day 7

Day 7 (August 28, 2008)

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Day 7 we embarked on a "short" 100+ mile road trip to the big city of Lincoln Nebraska. Here we expected to locate the state Historical society, rummage around some old records, and visit the state vital records office for death/birth certificates.

After a quick breakfast, we all piled into the car and made a dash for Lincoln. It took about 2 hours and arriving around 10:30am. We found a parking spot near the historical society at settled in. The area was on the campus university grounds and it was full of people walking to and from classes. Mom opted to stay in the car whilst Dad and Brian went in for some serious researching.

The building was large and full of records. An amazing site. The entrance had a 100' long index card system along the wall as you entered in addition to a security guard/information officer. This was where we started looking. After a short time with the Webers' and Foy's, we found several good leads and took plenty of pictures. Unfortunately, not all of the information was related to us, but still good reference materials. By the time we had finished, we headed into the main area and were required to lock up any bags, etc... good policy, but inconvenient all the same. There was a charge to visit and just as we were starting, they informed us that the society was going to close for lunch, and everyone was required to leave the building.

This was in the best of interests, but again, very inconvenient. We left and went back to the car to collect Mom. She was having fun watching the activities of the college students walking buy and preparing a party at a frat house. We were told there was a food eatery location on campus within walking distance and that we could head north just a few buildings for sustenance.

We located the building in short order and were amazed that half the population of Lincoln Nebraska had too. Waiting in line for a good 15 mins at a "Runza", it went fast, as we talked about the information we had collected and how things were going so far.

After lunch, Mom returned to her car for relaxing and Dad and Brian went into the records room once again. Our search through the newspapers and books was limited at best to some key findings on Charles Foy's property ownership found on micro-fiche and some obituaries. We spent roughly 2.5 hours and left before they closed in order to make it to the state Vital records, a few miles away in Lincoln.

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We drove to the Vital records and as this would take some time, dropped off Brian while Dad and Mom stayed in the car (drove around). Brian was fortunate to locate birth and death certificates for Foy's and Weber's, which is amazing when you think about how far across time and distance much of the information has traveled.

We ate dinner in Lincoln and then headed off back to Hastings for a good nights rest.

See day 8 for what happened next!

Sanders Family History Trip - 2008 - Day 6

Day 6 (August 27, 2008)

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Day 6 dawned and breakfast at the hotel called later that morning. Coffee, juice, and sugared flour (AKA a danish) was the staple for Brian - Dad and Mom had the healthier food (cereal).

After the nutritious breakfast, Dad and Brian left in the car with a plan to meet up with Mom for lunch. We timed the departure for a 9:00am stop at the court house for a quick 1 hour refined data collection and then it was off the Hastings Public library. While at the library, Dad and Brian located in a quick minute (with help), the Hastings "directories" from the late 1800s through early 1930's. This was (is) a treasure trove of information as it details the Foy/Gordon/Weber home addresses AND their business addresses in the Hastings and surrounding areas, year after year! Now it was possible to chronicle the journey better than ever before from beginning to end in Nebraska. We only spent about 1 hour and with a summary of addresses written down while taking pictures, this enabled us to make the next wonderful step - locating these homes and business.

So, after looking through most of the directories, Dad and Brian started tracking down the locations in Hastings, taking pictures of the homes and business's. After about 30 minutes we had id'ed most of them (if not all). Some of the addresses were not lining up so we figured that there was an address change in the past, but most of the homes still stood as they did nearly 100 years ago!

We drove over to the hotel, picked up Mom and then off to Bernardos Steak House for lunch. We talked about the recent discoveries and in fact stopped by a few of them on our way to the restaurant. Meal was reasonable and afterwords returned to the hotel to drop off Mom.

Next stop was the Adams County Historical society. Brian was like a kid in a candy shop. We started going through many of the basic records - Brian collected court records on the Gordon/Foy family who lived in Hastings, while Dad located some of the obituaries.

While talking about the families we were researching, Brian asked about the Weber photo studio we had seen in town earlier. Katherine Renschler, the Historical Societies president, told us about the owner and the recent donations he had made to the society regarding photographs of farms in the area. Katherine gave the name and phone number for us to contact.

Brian signed up to be a member of the Adams County Historical society and donated a few extra dollars, before heading out the door with riches unimaginable.

A quick call to the Weber family provided by Katherine and we were off to a short visit with them (sans Mom). It turns out that this was a cousin and knew many of the Foy family, especially Aunt Verona McKenzie, Uncle Phil Foy, and Grandma and Grandpa Foy. We were very blessed to see them, exchanged names, phone numbers, emails, stories and other relevant information. It was during this short encounter that we also found about about Uncle Phil's pool hall in Holstein, and that it was still standing... slightly modified by later owners. In addition, another cousin was doing family research on the Weber descendants and there was a hard copy available for loan to us. We would make a copy in town over the next few days and then return it before we left.

We said our goodbyes, then collected Mom. We attempted to contact the Nicki and Jim Konen via phone, but were not successful so we did not stop by (on account it might be imposing). We would likely have another chance later. We then went to Taylors Steak house for dinner. A nice evening with the family and we returned back to the hotel. With the information collected between the Library, the Court house, and Historical Society, the picture of the family was becoming very clear. Brian stayed up later that night and compiled most of the pictures/information into an excel spreadsheet on the family addresses, to help make sense of all the data.

The plan for day 7 was to travel another 100+ miles east to Lincoln and see if we could locate any further details at the Nebraska State Historical society, which also would work for Frontier and Adams county.

See day 7 for the continuing adventure...

Sanders Family History Trip - 2008 - Day 5

Day 5 (August 26 2008)

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Morning was early and we moseyed over to the hotel feeding center... they had rolls, juices, coffee, fruits and cereal. Mom, Dad and Brian ate their fill and then Dad and Brian left to the court house. Mom was going to stay back and hold down the fort. We would connect back up later...

We get to the court house all ready to go when we found we were early by about 30 minutes. So, instead of hanging out, we got back into the car and drove back to a cemetery we saw along the route, known as Pioneer Cemetery. We both looked around and found nothing of any family connection, but since it was a nice cool morning and an open field with grass, it was a nice walk. As 9:00 am approached, we got back into the car and drove back to the court house. Here we were told to go back to the big building across the street which housed all the records (and the parking lot we were already at previously).

So began the long journey into the records of Adams county. About 3 hours into the research, much was being discovered... maps, plat maps, deeds, and more. Lunch time came and dad went on to meet mom. Brian requested to bring back some food and was delighted to get one of his favorites - Subway submarine sandwich. Of course, since this was a record room, and they were making us wear white gloves (which is normal and good), Brian was very careful and particular about eating and leaving NO traces. Another good thing about the court house was the fact that they had instituted some laminating of the papers AND did not allow a flash to be used. Fortunately, Brian's camera was able to use the ambient light to take great shots! 2 images were taken of every record, just to be sure they were legible.

Another 2 more hours after "lunch" and it was time to call it a day in the "court". A lot of data was uncovered on the WEBER, FABER, and FOY family records. Much more can (and will hopefully some day) be discovered. It was very exciting to finally match some real 1st source records to the family great grandparents.

Now as an added bonus, we were heading over to meet a "cousin" on the Konen side. We stopped in to visit Norma Konen, whom Brian had contacted prior to the trip to meet. This was the best time for her as she worked in the mornings and we were very happy to see her. We also had the pleasure of staying and looking at some of her pictures from the Konen/Weber AND Foy side - many we had never seen before. The stay was too short and we wished Norma well before we moved onto the next stop. It is certain that the next trip to Hastings will be one in which we spend a lunch or dinner with Norma and other family members.

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We headed southwest to Assumption and Roseland to look at the Weber/Foy past home locations. Grandpa John and Grandma Anna Weber had secured a homestead, which we now knew from the county records earlier that day, and had also lived in a small home in Assumption, at which point we were able to identify exactly, according to the legal description. Accompanying us were also many pictures that we were able to match up to the old home. As was becoming the rule, it seemed that any home in the past 90 years that had an open patio, it was soon boarded up for additional living (inside) space. So, although it was not the exact replica as the pictures of old, it was VERY easy to tell it was the original home.

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It was also great to see where Grandpa Edgar and Grandma Jenny Foy had lived for a short time in Roseland, which was where Aunt Verona and Pauline were raised for a short time. This is also the place where Grandpa Foy owned a bar and later had to give it up after getting Typhoid fever. It was these events in 1907 that eventually led them to depart Nebraska heading west to Colorado, where they would make their homestead on 160 acres.

As it was getting late, we decided to eat in Roseland at the Reggie Betty Bar G. Good food and a few beers later, we headed out to the next stop, further south and east of Roseland. We knew that the Foy's lived in the Eversman home for a short time, but were not certain where this was located (if it was in Roseland or elsewhere). Using the plat map which showed the Eversman homestead, we headed out there and found a home to take pictures of.. not certain this was the exact home, but it is likely the property that was connected to the same family the Foy's leased from.

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From here we went onward to the Charles and Adelia Foy homestead, located in Little Blue township, Adams County. A remarkable site and with the records from the court house, it was helpful to know the exact boundaries and time line for when they lived here. It was also here that Adelia died in childbirth on 18 Aug 1890. One key mission of this trip was to locate where she was buried. Up until now, the exact location of the homestead was not certain as there is Blue Hill and a Little Blue, which has been interchanged several times before in the family records to which it is unclear which belonged to what. So, Brian knew that the cemetery could be located within a narrow radius of this homestead, which eliminated many of the cemetery candidates.

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As the day was growing late, we headed to the closest cemetery, and then the next and finally to the last one, located in Blue Hill. Here is where we found Adelia Arnold Foy and her parents and other kin, laid to rest. There is a longer story about this amazing find located within this blog, if you would like to read about it... Adelia Foy Short Story.

As the night was fast approaching, we headed back to the Comfort Inn in Hastings and the closure to a spectacular day of research and discovery. It would be difficult to surpass the magnitude of the key finds of this day, but that would soon be determined. To bed we went...

See day 6 for further discoveries!

Sanders Family History Trip - 2008 - Day 4

Day 4 (August 25 2008):

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Early to rise, early to surprise... we woke up "late" and decided to try out the local cuisine. Mary Jo's was the preferred and recommended local feeding stop, so Dad and Brian headed over there. Mom was going to get ready and skip breakfast (the most important meal of the day).

The main focus for today was to locate the Wood and Smalley family lines. We were going to start with the local county Historical Society. Brian had planned to meet up with Marciel Milton, the Treasurer at the Frontier County Historical Society after breakfast and go through all the available records. Marciel currently resided in Curtis, but actually was born in the area of Stockville, Nebraska Frontier county. She was very helpful and we collected numerous items. Brian also signed up to be a member of the Historical Society. As you may know, these societies really are important to the community and invaluable for persons researching their family... it is always a good idea to provide any monetary support as they operate on donations and volunteer support.

After researching at the historical society, we drove the 30+ minutes south toward the capital of Frontier county - Stockville. We visited the court house and researched many of the deeds and records, finding little information relevant to direct family... although we did find details on the Wood family. This along with the stop at the Historical society turned up some good connective details on the Smalley/Harper/Wood side, but nothing that could be singularly identified for direct family (yet). Further research would be needed.

After this we headed over to Arbor Cemetery where many of the Wood family members had been laid to rest. In addition, we found Grandpa Shriver in a larger burial plot. Many pictures were taken and should be followed up with local records.

Then we made a short trip NE of Stockville to where Grandma Mabel Smalley's school was. This area was an open field with not noticeable remnants of the school. It had long ago returned to the earth and/or been removed. Still it was wonderful to see the place that she taught in the early 1910's. This is also where Grandpa Wood and Uncle Wayne may have gone to grade school.

What is certain, based on census records is that this is where Grandma Smalley met Charles Wood and marriage soon followed. Charles Wood lived "next door" to the Grandma and Grandpa Shriver (Mabel's mother and stepfather). And this is where Grandpa Wood spent the greater part of his young life growing up.

We were getting hungry at this point and drove back up into Curtis for a meal at the Ag Valley Coop. Good pizza and cold soft drink, gave us back some energy for continuing the research further down the road... We stopped by the Curtis library for a quick look at whatever records they may have and found a few books, but nothing much further and it was at that point that we decided to execute the plan B... fast track east that afternoon, rather than wait until the next day.

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So, we bundled up and headed out east. By 5:30pm that night, we were in North Platte and decided to stop and have some dinner at a regular chain restaurant. From here we made great time into Assumption Cemetery, Adams county, Nebraska for our first visit with several of the Weber/Faber/Konen relatives. The church and cemetery was beautiful and fortunately we had plenty of sun to capture some nice pics of headstones.

From here we headed on into town to stay at the Comfort Inn in Hastings, Nebraska. After that long day, which was nearly 200 miles traveled, we hit the sack early with bigger plans expected tomorrow.

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See day 5 for the continuing saga.