Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sanders Family History Trip - 2008 - Day 8

Day 8 (August 29, 2008)
The day dawned new and breakfast was calling again at the local hotel eatery. After a sumptuous meal, Dad and Brian went to the Hastings Library for a quick re check on some of the records, adding in some of the Arnold clan now. We spent about 2-3 plus hours. This second trip to the library allowed more detailed pictures of Gordon, Foy, Weber and Arnold clans to be clearer. There is more data there, just need to plan for it the next trip. As usual, Dad was snapping pictures, doing a great job.

As is common in the Sanders family (especially for Brian), sometimes we find interesting clues that peak the curiosity and before you know it, we are off looking at other details that are not related to the original goal. On more than one occasion, it was important to remind the "research team" to keep focused on the task at hand - in other words, collect the data on the family, move onto the next item, repeat. This was true EVEN if it meant having to pass up on the connection of declining blacksmiths and increasing "automobile" businesses at the turn of the century or the occasional Sanders name popping up in the reference docs.

As it was nearing lunch, we decided to splurge a bit more than usual, plus it was also Dad's birthday. So, we packed up the goods, drove to the hotel, picked up mom and went to Taco Bell - Dad's choice! Happy Birthday Dad!

After the filling meal, Mom was returned to the hotel and Brian and Dad returned back to the Historical society. The Adams county Historical Society is a wonderful location full of detailed records that rival and exceed the likes of the Nebraska Historical Society, hands down and on a fraction of the budget.

Brian and Dad located new records, maps and even wedding certificates of in-laws that helped connect to the Arnold family. This was also the key link for identifying the maiden name for Adelia Arnold's mother. Now Brian could trace that line back further - in fact, later on Brian traced the Arnold line back to the middle ages, farther back than any other line in his family.

From here we picked up mom and headed out to Assumption, Holstein, and through Hastings, this time armed with more details on exact addresses, legal descriptions from the court house, the Hastings directories at the library, and stories from the Weber family.

We ended late and stopped at the Little Jakes restaurant in Hastings, as the sun was setting. A good meal with a few drinks and back to the hotel for a long respite.

See day 9... it starts to near the end...

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