Sunday, November 05, 2006

SandersFamilia.Com Genealogy Website - Updates 11/5/2006

If you have been to my website, as of November 5, 2006, you would have noticed a dramatic change in the "home page". I recently added a most excellent program called "The Next Generation" or TNG 6.0, written by Darrin Lythgoe (see This software has some powerful features, all integrated into the package, that allows the user the ability to "see" the family connections in many ways.

Here are some of the key features:
Descendancy Chart: See an individual's descendants in graphical "box" style, with photos (where they exist).
Pedigree Chart: Move smoothly back and forth among your ancestors without refreshing the page.
Media: Can link media directly to events and places. Videos and sound recordings are supported too.
Albums: Photos, histories, or other media in an "album" to create experiences around specific individuals, families or other topics.
Timelines: See lifetime events for each person on your timeline chart, plus add events for any date in history.
Latitude & Longitude
New Menus
Spam Control
Security: Passwords are now encrypted with MD5, making them impossible to decipher.

One definite bonus for me is the fact that you can manage your DB of names a lot easier. Therefore, after a short evaluation of the software, I finally have approved it for use on my site and integrated it as the centerpiece and conerstone. Let me know what you think.


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