Saturday, July 05, 2008

Photos, Vital records uploaded for view

In the last week, I have been busy sorting, organizing, and uploading much of my genealogical reference materials - in total I now have 315 items. This only represents less than 20% of total still remaining to upload, so I have a way to go.

To give an idea of what has been uploaded, you can check out my website, located at

Photos - 125 in total

Documents - 157 in total
- 38 Funeral Logs
- 23 Marriage Certificates
- 59 Death Certificates
- 6 Funeral Cards
- 5 Land Patents
- Miscellaneous letters, census links, autobiographies, etc

Cemeteries - 24 in total

Histories - 9 in total

More to be uploaded later. If you are interested in something specific, be sure to let me know... I might have it.

Until next time...

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