Thursday, October 26, 2006

Research Status - 10/26/06

Well, since my last update, things have been fairly busy. Most work has been focused on the Johnson line and organizing all data from census records, other vital records, and enabling the various website tools, features, etc.

Here are the stats in my database:

As of 08/20/06:
Individuals - 2405
Families - 1688
Sources - 175
File Size - 1729 KB

As of 10/26/2006:
Individuals - 2579 (+174)
Families - 1830 (+132)
Sources - 218 (+43)
File Size - 2165KB (+436)

On the website, we have the new integrated message board/forum with 2 total members (it is free to join... tell all your friends), a new hi-res image library with 57 albums containing a total of 741 images using 325MB of space. There is now a Google search tool and plans for a new portal/interface in the works.

Plans are to continue to catalogue and organize by family folder all vital records, allowing access to them through the library link.

Continuing to investigate the family connections from the early 1800's as they pertain to the TN Johnson clan and identifying the names with the numbers. Have new updates included in documents submitted by Stevie Hughes, which were added to the website. Believe that Riley M. Johnson, who was originally suspected to be a son of Joseph Johnson Sr, may in fact not be... comparing the 1830/40/50 census numbers to names. Not sure exactly what relation Riley M. Johnson from TN is at this time, but work continues.

Until the next update!

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