Saturday, April 04, 2009

A new Foy name to add to our tree?

There are times when I will spend several hours looking for something important and after a point, having to give up. These are not essential items, but they range from books, old nick-knacks, or even an ancestor hidden in the misty past. A day or month may go by and along the course of your regular activities, you end up crossing paths with that exact item you were looking for, and in the most unlikely places. It is times like that when I wonder if it might be better to be LESS determined to find it the 1st time as it always seems to be found the 2nd time! Sounds odd, I know.

Recently, I received a note from someone who said that one of my early Foy records had an error. As I always remind myself that although I try to be very thorough, genealogy facts can sometimes be in error, so I requested additional information from this person so we could corroborate the details easier (by the way, this person turned out to be a cousin). Well, the record I had was not the correct David Foy (Note: he is my 5G uncle), even though the correct one lived in the same county, a few hundred miles away, but in a different state, in the 1840's. Very soon after, I receive an email from a Foy cousin in California (Ralph) who had connected with still another cousin, who was a descendant of this same DAVID FOY - coincidence? What was most intriguing was this descendant had a "lead" on the father of said DAVID FOY - which would be my 5G grandfather.

The FATHER FOY is someone whom I and others have been looking for a long time (YEARS for me). Based on what I have uncovered so far, he was born in the ~1750's, died most likely before 1820, and lived around the VT/NH/NY region. Of course, I contacted this other cousin (Lori - my 5th cousin, once removed) and we started sharing information about the FATHER FOY, his wife, and possible areas to look for additional facts. The person who we think MAY be our common xG grandfather is named "Samuel Foy". The connection is circumstantial at this point, but with more information/research, we may be able to prove (or disprove) this link.

More details about this new connection will be published as they are found in the near future. Stay tuned!

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