Monday, April 06, 2009

Samuel and Sarah Foy - Update

Looking at item #7 in the plan, I may have found "Sarah Foy”, wife of Samuel, in the 1830 census living with Daniel and Ruth (Foy) Thorp (her daughter), but she does not appear in the 1840 census of the same household and the same is true for ANY of the children. There is also an older man (50-60's) living in the Thorp household in 1830... could this be Daniel's father or possibly Samuel? Something to keep in mind, which would mean we need to expand the death location for Samuel to include Napoli area.

By 1840, we know that William and Jonathan are in Illinois; Samuel, David and Ruth are still in New York; and Benjamin is in Pennsylvania. So where is Sarah Foy? This means she either 1) died before 1840, 2) was traveling when the census taker showed up in 1840, or 3) is living with someone else entirely.

I am going with 3, so we need to expand the search criteria and look at the grand children, or siblings of Sarah, and since we don’t know her maiden name, that could be anyone!

I updated my online website with the most recent data, assuming our Samuel/Sarah theory, from Lyndon, Caledonia, Vermont is correct. You can find the details at Samuel and Sarah Foy.

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