Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ehancements to Ecosystem

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving,
The Sanders Family Genealogy space is getting a few changes over the next few months. This should only help enhance your experience.

BLOG: For starters, the Sanders Family Genealogy Blog of 5 years is going into high gear. Recently I gave it a facelift (as you can see here... be sure to tell me what you think) and have started publishing articles about our family, genealogy research tips, and notices on a much higher frequency (1-3 days). Be sure to "Follow on Email", or "Join the Site".  

WEBSITE:  Planning to update the website ( to a new format, which will include more features to help in research and getting to know our family better. This should come online in the next month, provided time allows.

TWITTER  /  FACEBOOK: Social media is a big thing for many, and this helps spread the word about changes/updates made to the tree. It also helps highlight stories and will encourage more people to submit their own. If you have a twitter or facebook account, you'll be able to follow what is going on (and then some) as I publish updates. This will be coordinated after changes occur on the website. The clear benefit is that it helps you find out what is going on real time.

GENEALOGIST: Since I have been doing family research since 1975, I figured I might get a little more official. I already help hundreds of people through this site and outside with free advice. However, I plan to go pro and hang my "coat of arms" up for services. Details to be communicated later, but if you know of anyone who might be looking to have their family research done for them, please tell them about me. THANKS.

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