Thursday, November 03, 2011

The LIFE of EDGAR and JENNIE Foy - by Margie Wood

I am pleased to announce that after many years of preparation, The LIFE of EDGAR and JENNIE FOY is available in paperback, through

This is a biography about my great-grandparents, Edgar and Jennie Foy, told from the view of my grandmother, Margie Wood. They were Irish and German immigrants, who settled in the Midwest during the 1800's. It's compelling and rich in detail about the trials and tribulations, the successes and most importantly, the family.

Through wars, depressions, disease, tornadoes, fires, crop failure, boom and bust, they lived that quintessential American dream. The search for our past is a never-ending journey, that we all must take, in our own way.

Available in print and e-copy. All proceeds go to support continuing research for the Sanders Family Genealogy project.
The amazing part of this book is the detail and the accuracy of which it is told. This has been an encyclopedia, for some time, aiding research through the years, proving that the information contained within matches with public documents, available online through over the last 5 years.   It also confirms that a lot of effort went into compiling this book of facts.   It is a model for all so that we may tell the stories of our parents.

I hope you enjoy the book and the message of family.

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