Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Twitter, Facebook, and Sanders Family Genealogy

Yes, it's true.   You can now follow me on Facebook and Twitter.   I recently setup accounts to allow everyone to track my updates, making it even easier by a factor of 42.  

If you are familiar with social media accounts, then you know what to do - click and enjoy, please.  I welcome your dialogue as I move through the netverse with social media.  

If you are not familiar with Twitter or Facebook, then please read on. 

Note: To encourage people to follow me on twitter and Facebook, I will be running an awesome promotion where one lucky person will get their family tree researched for FREE!   This will go for 30 days and whoever is following me on Twitter and Facebook has the chance to win (details and condition to be posted soon).    Follow me now, before its too late!  

Social Media
Both Twitter and Facebook are free to sign up and provide another method to communicate besides emails or internet blogs.   The nice part about Twitter and Facebook is it helps build a community, who either want to know what is going on (with you) or share their experiences.  How this applies to me is that now you don't have to go to the source, it comes to you (if you are connected via Twitter or Facebook, among others).

So What is Twitter?
The short version:  it is like texting/email/bloging, all rolled into one, with a limit of only 144 characters.   It allows you to connect to your friends (on Twitter) and "follow" them as they follow you.   Here is a short video that may explain it better.

What is Facebook?
Facebook is a means to share text, pictures, video, about your social status.   The analog antique equivalent is a bulletin board.   Like a bulletin board, you can post a note on your "wall" or on a friends "wall".   This can be seen by other friends and they can add comments, provide a "like" impression, and share.     

Through Facebook, you can even connect with your family, to create a "family network".  The capabilities provide only a hint of the possibilities.   Go ahead... check out the Facebook fan page and please LIKE it!  Below is a video that talks about Social networks and how they work.  

Look forward to hearing from you all

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