Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Genealogy, the Family Frontier...

Imagine a future, in a galaxy, far, far away.... and a voice sounding like William Shatner saying
Genealogy, the Family frontier.
These are the voyages of the Genealogists.
Their continuing mission;
To explore strange new locations,
To seek out new relatives and new ancestors,
To boldly go where no Genealogist has gone before!

Episode 1: The Missing Relatives
Kirk: Scotty, I need more data!  Those missing relatives are out there somewhere!  
Scott: I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!  
Kirk: If we don't find those relatives from our past, we may never know who we really are!   Spock, what are the odds?
Spock: Fascinating.  There seems to be a dimensional rift in the facts up ahead.
Kirk: Sulu, plot a course to the nearest Historical Society, warp factor 4 - we NEED that data. 
Stay tuned next week to hear how it ends…

Ok.   Now you know, I like Star Trek.  But, like those intrepid explorers of the Star Trek missions, family genealogy isn't much different, except we go to libraries and court houses for records instead of planets in the outer gamma quadrant.    We meet new people, who happen to be distant relatives, or support staff at historical societies - most are pretty harmless compared to the Klingon's.   And, of course the benefit of doing genealogy research is we just don't have to deal with the dangers of intergalactic travel at warp speeds! 

Life is too short, enjoy it and have fun.  Laugh a bit, even out loud.  Be sure to leave a comment and if you share this with others, you get 2 extra points. 

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